Shockwave Therapy

-Tendon Repair

-Trigger Point Removal

Now proven help Fybromyalgia, Chronic fatigue

Shockwave Therapy is now proven method for tendon repair such achilles, planter fascitis, hamstring repair. It helps accelerate the healing process when the body cant recover from injury and saves many people from surgical procedures which take a longer time and money to repair. What isn’t known widely is how shockwave removes or reduce trigger points (muscle knots). I worked in Geneva a few years ago on a research project where Shockwave therapy was used to help people with severe fybromyalgia, which one of the symptoms is painful trigger points all over the body that prevents movement. In some instances, sufferers could not get out of bed and took a long list of medication until they experienced shockwaves.

Shockwave Therapy has been used by many top sportsman and has been rumoured to have been the secret weapon at many top football teams, especially in Germany where the technology was first developed.

It also helped me overcome a long standing shoulder problem and postural issues. It was the combination of Myofascial Release with Shockwave Therapy that has proven a powerful method to ensure finding results to difficult problems, like my own after years of trying many methods and was ultimately the weapon against long standing pain and dysfunction.

This led me to purchasing the machine in 2017 and it has helped many people including many tennis players (elite and recreational) and many who have demanding jobs. Where hands on methods such Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Massage and my own brand of Myofascial Release dont get the best result, Shockwaves has been proven to be solve the problem.


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Myofascial Release (Anatomy Trains Structural Integration)

It’s a physical therapy with a difference. I manipulate your soft tissue with the aid of movement to create a new structural balance not only freeing you from difficult to solve pain, but improving your physical performance in everything you do. It may feel like a deep tissue massage in many ways but has a structural approach Osteopathy to realign the bones and create even space in the joints. Its “Spacial Medicine” which reorganizes your inner space. Much has been learnt about fascia in recent time which you can read more in “Fascia”section, but once thought to be just packing¬† and coating around muscles and organs(think like fascia used to cover furniture and used in roofing) is actually our largest sensory organ that constantly re-calibrating helps us negotiate movements such as walking down stairs in the dark. Whilst the importance of treating and moving the myofascia(muscle+ fascia) has become important for many fields such as Massage and Physiotherapy, it is the way I use internal Anatomy Trains map (links that open up pathways in unexpected areas causing problems such the left hip blocking the right shoulder in the spiral line), combined with movements performed by the client that make my method unique and ensures that every session your body is finding a better and easier balance. This helps you find your own hidden blueprint to easier movement and less pain where joints have found awkward positions from years of bad habits, sitting at desks or accidents to have left you in a posture that has been so long that it has become your new perception centre of balance

People often feel trapped in their own bodies and feeling tight and in pain, especially kids going through growing spurts. Ive found at times that up to 50% of my clients are children, so it can work for ther young and old.

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Personal Training

Improving your relationship with gravity to create an even tension, tone and balance all over your body. My training is different as Im looking at Fascia in movement. Im not only training and conditioning the body and I get better tone all over your body by teaching utilize underused areas such as bum and tummy muscles. It is also about retiming your movement with specialised exercises that ensure “Activation” of these muscles in every future movement you make. This is a smarter approach to just training hard that ensures “Every move you make and Every breath you take” you are utilising more of your body. I specialise working with tennis players (young, aspiring kids to the elite) and other sportsmen to improve performance. However, almost by accident it, has attracted many fat loss and body toning clients because when the myofascia activates you find your own indivual blueprint to not only perform better, but feel and look better too.

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The Body Detective

I solve difficult cases. Often many have searched far and wide to find me with the realisation its their own FASCIA that needs unravelling to unlock the secrets to persistant pain and injuries. The FASCIAL SYSTEM, our largest sensory organ in the body, has not received mainstream acceptance…yet…. Its our unrecognised sixth sense and the future of understanding body awareness. This weblike structure under our skin, was once dismissed as the unchangeable plastic like coating that encases everything from our muscles, nerves and bones to all our internal organs. It actually not only interweaves throughout all these structures giving us more sensory input than our eye sight to maintain balance. Its also been recognised for its elasticity that drives us in locomotion and explains our own uniqueness like science has never done before.

Now discover me at the beginning of your journey, before finding short term fixes, and learn there is not such thing as fixing the human body by only focusing on one small local area, at or near the site of pain. This is “Spacial Medicine” where your body’s layers are given space and direction to hydrate and to reactivate dormant muscles that get stuck in habitual postural and carriage. Its this global effect to the whole body that ultimately facilitates structural change.


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